Find a bit of inspiration for great gifts for nature lovers right here.

Perhaps you’ve already got an eye towards getting your Christmas shopping early. Or maybe you’re running a gauntlet and gift-giving occasions before December 25th. Gift buying is easy if you only consider the person’s likes and interests. And happily enough, chances are that unless they’re the most stalwart of city slickers, they’ll love getting out into the nature sometimes.

Heading outside and into nature even if it’s just to the local park is good for both our well-being and mental health so it’s no surprise that a lot of us would class ourselves as nature lovers. You can treat them with a thoughtful gift that will encourage them to get out there and enjoy that greenery! Read on for some of our favourite gift ideas for the nature lover. 

Thermos Flask


We don’t boast the most tropical of climates so it’s always nice to be able to take a break with a nice cup of tea of coffee (or even soup!) when you’re and about in nature, so a Thermos flask is a wonderful idea. The brand Thermos is synonymous with what it actually is, and although it can run a little more expensive than cheaper unbranded flasks, it is worth the money. With secure lids that don’t leak, insulation that will keep your brew piping hot for hours and often handy extras like double cups on larger flasks to make sharing easy, you get what you pay for so treat them to a great quality flask!

Tin Mug


In the same area as the Thermos Flask (we love our hot beverages ok!), tin mugs have become a sort of rustic trendy hipster thing in the last few years and as a consequence are a lot easier to find. Robust and pretty much unbreakable (the odd dent will only add character), these are perfect for camping trips or even for the keen gardener who has a habit of breaking the handles of normal mugs! There are some lovely designs out there too so you can really find one that you know they’ll like, and best of all tin mugs are of course pretty inexpensive making them the ideal budget gift.

Picnic Blanket


With a bit of grit and determination, you can pretty much enjoy a picnic year round and even on crisp cold winter days it can be lovely to get outside in the fresh air. The only hindrance can be the damp ground so why not gift someone with a practical picnic blanket that’s waterproof. The best ones roll up on themselves, and have handy carry handles and there are some really great designs too. Useful for outdoor events too, a nice picnic blanket is one of those things that people don’t really treat themselves so that’s why it’s such a gift idea.

Wellie Toppers


Buying somebody a pair of wellies can be a bit too extravagant as well as a bit tricky since you’ll need to know their shoe size, so why not gift them with some cute wellie toppers instead. They keep water from coming in from a loose fit at the top, and can stop wellies from flopping. And of course they look great too! If you’re handy with a needle or a crochet hook, make your own (they are pretty easy), or check out your local high street shops to discover their offerings.