Helping you find the best natural beauty products out there.

Whether you love testing them out for yourself or giving them as gifts, beauty products are big business and the sheer amount of things available can be a bit bewildering. Thankfully it is now easier than ever to make sure that the beauty products that you are buying are made from natural ingredients, aren’t tested on animals, are kind to the environment and are even suitable for vegans.

If you feel like treating yourself or some other lucky person to a lovely beauty product, then check out our favourite natural ones here from brands that you can trust.

The Body Shop – Eye Shadows


When we think of this high street staple, we tend to consider their body butter range and pampering bathing products. However, The Body Shop offers so much more than just lovely smellies! Their makeup range is high quality and really reasonably priced and although not as extensive as other beauty brands which specialise more on the cosmetic side of things, you’ll still be able to find pretty much everything you need. This cute eye shadow palette with lovely shades is just right to bring out your inner glamour-puss this season.

Lush – Bath Bombs


This is definitely more of an obvious choice from this brand since their bath bombs are one of their most popular products! Think glitter, mesmerizingly good scents and lovely bright colours that are simply irresistible! As a way to make your bath-time a little bit more luxurious or as a really thoughtful gift, there is a huge range of these bath bombs that will suit any taste. And even though some are pretty fantastic looking, you can be safe in the knowledge that they are made from all natural ingredients and made in a way that’s kind to the environment. If you’re searching for a gift then you should check out their gorgeously wrapped gift boxes too!

Barry M – Coconut Infusion Nail Polish


Barry M is a makeup brand that you can find easily enough on the high street, and it’s great to know that they are cruelty free and that this nail polish is both non-toxic and vegan! With names like Surboard, Laguna and Lemonade, in the range of 19 different shades you can find pretty pastels and classic neutrals. Even better, the coconut infusion is good for your nails, so no need for base coats or other strengthening concoctions when you’re using it. Look out for their 3 for 2 deals to treat yourself to some of the collection. 

Coconut OilImage

Ok so we’re not going to limit you to one single brand or anything when it comes to buying coconut oil, but we do recommend that you buy organic and fair trade. Coconut oil has become something of a wonder both in cooking and in beauty in the last few years and thanks to its heavenly smell and supremely moisturising abilities, it is a great staple to add to your beauty collection. Use it condition hair, moisturise dry skin, even as a make-up remover. It is a multi-use natural product, so if you haven’t already tried, it’s high time that you did!