Enjoy looking your best whilst also shopping responsibly thanks to these brands.

Fast fashion has been a normal part of our lives for the last 10 or so years; gone are the days of having Sunday best, since now we can pop to the shops to check out the latest fad without denting our bank accounts too drastically. However, following years of this materialistic and wasteful buying system, there is now beginning to be a shift towards more ecological clothing options.

Don’t think that we are going to recommend that you start wearing hemp clothing that any 70s hippie would be proud of though. These days ecological fashion is stylish, made to last and chic so there’s no reason not to start looking into these options that are better for the environment and us. If you don’t know where to start looking, then here are 3 ecological brands that you can start shopping at now! 

1. Asos Eco Edit

1.	Asos Eco Edit

As one of our favourite online fashion retailers for gorgeous and trendy pieces from a whole host of designers (including them) from budget to designer, it’s no surprise that Asos have got us covered when it comes to ecological fashion. In the Eco Edit you’ll find a range of brands which all fit within their criteria for sustainability which include things like improving the local community, using sustainable materials, fair trade and advancing animal welfare. 

And since it is Asos, in the Eco Edit (formerly known as the Green Room), you can be sure to find loads of seriously trendy items that you’ll want to snap up! From cool Fjallraven kanken backpacks, to Asos own brand swim suits, crop tops, dresses, jewellery and much more. At Asos you will also find a line of jeans made from recycled denim; made from a mix of recycled cotton and fair trade cotton, there are 5 different styles in a variety of washes, so check them out.

2. H&M Conscious

2.	H&M Conscious

The trendy Swedish brand of H&M (Hennes if you’re a real fashion snob), is a fashion favourite and part of its appeal is that it doesn’t matter what age you are, you’re sure to be able to find something you’ll love and at a good price. Since they already boast a whole range of collections, it can hardly be surprising that they have one of the most well-established eco brands on the high streets, H&M Conscious. Launched in 2012, the eco collection has only continued to grow and expand since then, and you can now find it in most stores as well as online of course.

In the H&M Conscious collection, organic silk and cotton is used and it follows fair trade regulations, making it one of the most eco high street brands out there. With beautiful tops, shirts, dresses, jackets, jeans, leggings, lingerie and more, you can complete your wardrobe with this collection. It is really reasonably priced too which is just another reason to shop from the brand. 

3. Fat Face

3.	Fat Face

The Fat Face brand works hard to ensure that its clothes are sustainable and that the workers who made them earn a fair wage that will benefit their communities. This has been at the heart of their core values since the very start and if you’re looking for good quality casual wear that looks great, Fat Face is a great place to start.

With jeans, bags, boots, gorgeous jumpers and jewel-coloured plaid shirts, you can find everything you need to put a classic weekend look together that is also good for the world. Their clothes are made to last and are style classics and so make a good investment.